Hodgdon HP-38-1 HP-38/W231 1lb POWDER

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Hodgdon HP-38-1 HP-38/W231 1lb POWDER

Hodgdon HP38 is a spherical powder that is great for low velocity and mid-range target loads in the .38 Special, .44 Special, and 45 ACP. This high energy powder provides economy in loading.

HP-38(Hodgdon brand) and W-231(Winchester brand) are the same powder, within .01 grain of each other for load data (one has a flash suppresant, dont remember which one. It is an incredible powder for accuracy in 9×19, 38 special, and .45acp.

”Win. 231 and HP-38 are exactly the same powder. Any data you see for one you can safely use with the other.

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