Hornady 6.5mm (264) 120 GR ELD MATCH Box of 100

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Hornady 6.5mm (264) 120 GR ELD MATCH Box of 100

The ELD-M (Extremely Low Drag Match) bullet was specifically designed to provide a match accurate projectile that is capable of reaching ranges beyond typical target shooting applications. The Doppler Radar verified Heat Shield polymer tip retains its shape when in-flight and maintains a high ballistic coefficient. A streamlined secant ogive with optimum boattail design plus the AMP jacket makes a super accurate long range bullet. ELD Match bullets range from 22 to 338 caliber with a wide selection of grain sizes that will suit any target shooter!

-Caliber: 6.5MM .264
-120 grain
-Bullet type:ELD®Match™
-Ballistic coefficient: .486
-Heat Shield tip defies the effects of aerodynamic heating
-Retains its shape to provide a perfect meplat (tip) that is always the same shape
-Highest degree of bullet-to-bullet, lot-to-lotconsistency
-Measured with Doppler radar and corrected to standard atmospheric conditions
-100 rounds/box

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