Norinco Type 97 NSR .223/5.56×45 Non-Restricted

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Norinco Type 97 NSR .223/5.56×45 Non-Restricted

The Type 97NSR is a gas operated, magazine fed, semi- automatic weapon with a bullpup layout. It has a short stroke gas piston and a rotating bolt. The charging handle is located at the top of the receiver, under the carrying handle.

The Norinco Type 97NSR Semi-Automatic Rifle is a unique Semi-Auto Bullpup rifle and takes standard AR15 magazines. The bullpup design places the gun’s action behind the trigger, in front of a short buttstock.

This decreases the firearm’s length and weight while retaining the same barrel length. Bullpups generally allow for a 25% reduction in weapon length, which allows for better manoeuvrability in confined spaces and less fatigue to the shooter.

Comes standard with open sights.

Includes: 1 x 30 Round Magazine (pinned to 5)


Caliber: 5.56/.223
Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt
Overall length: 725mm / 28.5″
Barrel length: 475mm / 18.5″
Weight: 3.7 kg unloaded
Magazine capacity: 5/30 rounds

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Weight 1 kg


3 reviews for Norinco Type 97 NSR .223/5.56×45 Non-Restricted

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Terry (verified owner)

    Bought this rifle in August 2017 , shoots any ammunition from American eagle brass to cheap Russian lacquered ammo. There was only one failure to feed out of 600 rounds & and I don’t think the mag was all the way in. Rifle is very accurate and fun to shoot, well worth the money…

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    freewjk (verified owner)

    I love this rifle so much.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    neil Knelsen

    Awesome Gun. Very fun to shoot. A little quirky. Get a strap with it, it goes over your shoulder and is so comfortable that you might even forget it’s there while walking. The flat top upper modification is on my list of projects so I can add some magpull flip up sites.

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