CZ 75 Tactical Sport Dual Tone Pistol-40 SW

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CZ 75 Tactical Sport Dual Tone Pistol-40 SW

Every pistol has a defined purpose. The CZ 75 TS is a competition-ready pistol designed for the International Practical Shooting Confederation’s rules and regulations specifically the standard division. The weight and balance of the CZ 75 TS are optimized for the rapid, accurate style of shooting necessary for success in practical shooting disciplines. The Tactical Sports model is the next generation of the proven CZ 75 Standard IPSC. The TS retains all of the best features of Standard IPSC model and improves upon the platform with increased durability, new sights, a new trigger system and more.

The CZ 75 Tactical Sports features a full-length dust cover, a 5.4″ barrel as well as a slightly larger grip to accommodate the higher capacity heavy duty magazine. Other features include a fixed rear sight, ambidextrous safety, extended magazine release, Single Action trigger, checkered front and rear strap and a gaping magazine well for the fastest magazine changes. The pistol allows rapid and accurate shooting within a very short time frame

The CZ 75 TS pistol model design stems from the standard CZ 75 model. However, this model feature number of special modifications, which are usually required for competitive handguns.


  • 75 Tactical Sport


  • Semi-Auto


  • 40 SW

Barrel Length

  •  5.2″


  •  Two-Tone


  • 1.2Kg

Overall Length

  • 9″

Additional information

Weight 2 kg



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