ThermaCELL Portable Camouflage Mosquito Repellent

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ThermaCELL Portable Camouflage Mosquito Repellent

The ThermaCELL Portable Camouflage Mosquito Repellant Appliance helps keep your home and patio free from mosquitoes, black flies and no-see-ums. This repellant appliance can keep a 15 ft. x 15 ft. area free from these pests for up to 12 hours. The appliance can be operated for longer with additional refills which are sold separately. The appliance is pocket-sized for easy portability and is undetectable to game.

  • Butane operated, pocket-size for cordless portability
  • Repels mosquitos that could carry Zika and West Nile virus
  • Remains effective for up to 12 hours of mosquito, black fly and no-see-um prevention
  • Odor-free repellant is efficient and convenient
  • Additional refills are sold separately

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